Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I was tricked!

The other night was our weekly "maintenance" meeting. TJ had finished closing all the blinds, turning down lights, etc and I hopped into the living room. It was just maintenance...right?

"So, here we are again," he slaps the wooden spoon against his palm.
"Yup, but I didn't do anything wrong this time," I smiled and gave him a kiss. (I had had a punishment the night before)
"You're sure about that?" he raises an eyebrow at me and I giggle which really makes his eyebrow go up another inch. "Hmm?"
"Oh, please. You don't have anything," I laughed and took a step back...did he?
"If you have something to say, now would be the time to say it," another slap of the spoon against his palm.
"This could go two ways..." I mumble to myself. "If I tell you something then this turns punishment if you know something and I don't' tell you then this turns punishment. But I don't think you have anything and I don't have any confessions to make,"
"Ok then....let's have a chat about honesty," he says as he gently pushes me over the end of the couch. And the spanking begins. He keeps questioning me and I keep insisting there was nothing to confess.
"You do this to yourself," he said to me as he continued spanking my thighs with the spoon.
"OK! OK!" I wave a hand at him, he stops momentarily. "OK...I let the gas tank get below a 1/4 in the van,"

"Ohh...and why is that?"
"I didn't feel like stopping at the gas station today..I figured I'd go tomorrow," and the spanking continued. He hates the car getting that low on gas and since I was driving the kids around in the van he saw it as a safety issue. Then to my own demise I confessed the real thing...the thing I figured he already knew about.. "And I left my cell at home when I went to the library. I just forgot it," I explained.

He spanked a bit more. Not too hard but on my thighs which I HATE. When we were all done he winked at me, kissed me and said "Behave. Follow the rules, ok?"
"Yes. You had nothing," I accused.
"Nope. I had no idea about either of those things." he chuckled. "But you should have told me anyway,"

I was completely tricked out of just a little maintenance and into a punishment (although not full out punishment) just by a few sly words! But I will admit to this. It's not that hard to get a confession out of me. I am ever so grateful that I did not live back in the dark ages.... the torture they did back then....I would have lasted about a second. I would have seen the iron maiden and confessed to just about anything they suggested!

And...another note. Towards the end of the spanking he was going a bit hard and I yelped back at him "Be Careful your going to break my spoon!!!" and that is when he told me the spanking was over... Take a look at my pooor spoon!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting over it

I think one of the hardest things about DD that TJ has trouble understanding (and this may be true for a lot of HOH's) is sometimes the spanking isn't just for a punishment... sometimes it's because I need to forgive myself... in a way.

Last week I did something stupid...REALLY stupid that put myself and my children in danger. I won't go into specifics (mostly because what I did was so utterly stupid I'm too embarrassed to say...) but it was dangerous and I knew better. When TJ found out he was FURIOUS. I was totally in agreement with him and I felt horrible from the moment I had realized what I had done.

After he calmed down he said that he needed to think. That he wasn't really sure what punishment to dole out but to be assured one would be coming. *GULP* He wasn't talking spanking...he wanted something that "fit the crime". After two days I asked him what was going on and he admitted that he couldn't really come up with anything. He agreed with me that I had already learned my lesson because I had scared the crap out of myself and I knew what a bad thing it was that I had done and he was confident that I would never do something so stupid again. He was going to let it go....

"I find it odd that you will spank for me forgetting my cell phone....but not this...." I shook my head.
"But you already learened your lesson."
"Hmm.. I know..but still.. I feel unresolved."
" earlier I told you this would happen. I said if I let it go you'd be upset and you said you wouldn't!"
"Well..I thought I'd be ok if you let me out of it...but now..well...I feel unresolved,"
"That's it...over the couch!"

...and so I went. And so he spanked....hard..and I did my very best to not squirm and wiggle. It was the first time I cried...really cried during a spanking. Not because of the pain...but because this sudden release was granted me. It was an odd sensation...

I was tense..
I was hurting..
I was so sorry...
I was forgiven
I forgave myself...
It was over...

This sudden rush of love and forgiveness just washed over me as he was spanking me. Suddlenly I could deal with the pain of the spatula a little better, I could hear him better, I could feel the situation settling better. It was all going to be ok..and I wasn't going to hold it against myself for having done something so utterly stupid!

After a second of cuddles we went up to bed...he thought I wouldn't be in the "mood" I asked why he thought that. He explained that "You were just bawling"
"Yes...but I'm better now... get in bed," WEG

Later, I tried to explain to him that I had already learned my lesson, that I knew he had forgiven me, but that the spanking helped me get over it in my head. That the slate was wiped clean again for me, that I had forgiven myself. I don't think he fully understands it but he's willing to spank me whenver either of us deem necessary! LOL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maintenance Monday!!!

I finally got a new implement! ... any guesses on what it is???

Dowel Rods! Yep, I've seen them over and over again and finally I caved and bought two! TJ decided to use them last night for our weekly meeting.

OMG!!!! I can't even begin to describe them. The pat pat pat pat part not bad...even as he put more umph into it. But the actual stroke of it? Let's just say I was blind for about 15 seconds. I simply couldn't see anything. It was as if all of my senses decided that they were all needed at my bottom instead of where they were supposed to be. I could hear nothing, smell nothing, see nothing but I could definately FEEL something!

I think he gave about 10-15 actual strokes with a lot of little pats between. He seems to be enjoying my thighs as his target lately as they bared the brunt of the episode. He tried both rods but determined the thinner rod was "best".

He loves them! He says that he doesn't have to put much into it to get the result out of it that he likes. "Just a flick of my wrist," he said. "Imagine if I had a free range of motion!" Where we were he couldn't swing all the way, which I'm thinking was an excellent thing!

Afterwards, I ran to the washroom to see the damage. "I barely got you. It wasn't that bad!" he commented and when I showed him the welts on my thighs he smiled wickedly. I think he enjoyed that! He also said "I think someone is going to be a very good girl from now on," with a grin.

"Well, maybe those should just be for serious offenses," I suggested and he agreed and let me know that he can't wait until I screw up big again.

I will be on my very very very best behaviour from here on least I'll be trying....... I make no promises about it though!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thanks to the kids

Thanks Pictures, Images and Photos
I was in a bad mood today. I was upset with TJ for a few different reasons, none of which were really all that important, and I was tired from running around with the kids. Put those things together and it equals me in a very bad mood with a very bad attitude.

After yet another slam of yet another drawer in the kitchen TJ said to me from the living room. "Stop slamming stuff, already!" to which I replied "OH, shuuut up!" (for the third or fourth time for the day) I don't believe I have ever seen that man jump up from the floor so fast before.

He darted into the kitchen stood right next to me, so I wouldn't escape I think, and said to the kids "Girls, go upstairs NOW!" ...of course they wanted to know why they had to stop watching thier cartoon and be banished to their rooms. He just glared at me and said "Come with me," and 'escorted' me to his room and told the girls to stay out and shut the door behind him.

I stood against the wall and tried to tell him that the girls were going to hear it if he did anything, but he already knew that. He said to me in his angry voice. "Don't you ever tell me to shut up! I'm sick of your attitude today! The only reason you're not getting it right now is because the girls are behind that door! But tonight your getting it!" and with that he opened the door and my two little girls ran away giggling.

Luckily, they are young and don't understand what he was talking about but they knew enough to know Mommy had gotten in trouble. That doesn't really bother me since at some point they will most likely find out about our marriage. But, I am thankful that they didn't go up stairs becuase he was really mad and that spanking would have been bad.

As for tonight...well....he's upstairs soaking in the tub. I suggested that I hit the sack (a little test of the memory waters) and he said if I was tired, sure go ahead. So....I think enough time has passed that he has forgotten it all. I am somewhat relieved about that.. becuase really I don't think I have the energy for a punishment tonight.

So, thanks kids..for not usual! LOL

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maintenance Monday!

Ok, I know it's Wednesday....

As promised TJ delivered a "Maintenance" spanking on Monday. I think we are sticking with Monday's from now on. We were supposed to pick an implement out of a hat, but I didn't put them in a hat, so he chose. I reminded him we were supposed to pick and he said "Well, they aren't written out so I'm just going to choose this week," So apparently, it's my job to get them into a hat.

He picked this wooden spatula thing that I had bought months ago for a "fun" night. Lately, he's been making me drape myself over the end of the couch, he hasn't let me over his lap in a while, not really sure why and I haven't questioned him, yet.

That thing stings like crazy and he got a few good wallops in there. I actually jumped up and hopped away clutching my butt. He just stood there and said "Get back here," and was starting to get a little annoyed because I kept hopping around. I tried to explain that that thing stung like hell, but he didn't seem to care. lol

Finally, when I was close to sobbing from it he said "Ok..ok..we're done, come here," and he hugged me. When was putting me to bed I looked at my red bottom and pointed out a spot where I was sure I was going to have a bruise (I didn't) and he just rolled his eyes at me. "It wasn't even that bad," and I looked at him like he was nuts.

So it went fine, and next week I'll go through it again. I did have a realization though. After getting that spanking I thought to myself... "I'd rather have that then a punishment any day of the week," So I think that's some progess...