Monday, August 30, 2010

Camp Adventures

These toys were purchased from Katana works who was a vendor at the Tryst.

Those are the new toys TJ bought while we were away at our camping adventure with Twisted Tryst. It was a completely awesome weekend, I can not believe how wonderful it was. There is so much to say I'm not sure where to I'll start at the beginning and keep going until I get to the end...this could take a post or two.

On Thursday morning we left the house and drove up to the campsite. TJ, who normally stops for a break every other hour or so, made only two short stops (one of which was at my request) because he wanted to get there so badly. The campsite is an adult only site and as soon as I saw the sign or it my stomach began to ache with nerves.

What if I couldn't handle it? What if i freaked out? What if TJ hated it and said we had to leave and forget all about D/s in our marriage. We signed in and was led to our site where we (ok..mostly TJ but I did try to help) pitched the tent.

It was odd how quickly I became accustomed to all of the naked bodies that were walking around or sunbathing. Not to mention the sex that happened out in the open. The people were awesome. We got to see some really neat stuff, and a few things that did scare me a bit. Overall it could not have been a better weekend. We were able to relax and be ourselves and i was amazed at how much Tj took to it all.

We took a class that talked about M/s 24/7 and I think that really helped us sort out a few things. At the very least it opened a conversation for us. TJ hates labels (i already knew that though) but he has a really hard time thinking outside of "husband/wife" terminology. We talked a lot over the weekend and TJ was given a few ideas from some of the other Doms at camp.

Anyway, I'm jumping all over the place...lemme get back on track...ok... Thursday. Once we were all settled we took a walk around the campgrounds to get a feel for the place. The theme that night was "Pajamarama" so I put on my new black nightie and we headed up to the lounge for some pizza. We met another couple there who had been at camp a few times already and it turns out they come down to the city quite often for some events here. They were able to tell us a lot of groups and other "community" type things to do in our area (which seems weird since they live about 2 hrs away!)

We hung around for the bonfire and also stayed in the dungeon for a while to see how others play. TJ has fallen in love with rope and is going to learn some bondage....this was not my doing. I am not all that into rope bondage...cuff my hands..that's good for me...but he's all excited, which is excellent.

When we got back to our tent that evening Tj started a fire and we had a snack. I wasn't really sure what to expect so I expected nothing. However, Tj wasn't going to let the night go by without taking into the tent I was dragged...ok...not really then I was more than willing to do about anything. i cant say that it was the kinkiest sex we've had but it was AWESOME regardless. Turns out that knowing that other people could hear us was a huge turn on for me, and since TJ didn't shut me up when I was cumming and I could scream as loud as I wanted to it made it all the better.

There's lots more to tell, but I'm really sleepy and have to get to bed. There will be was an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Super Excited!!

Tomorrow is the day! We are going to pack the van, kiss the kids goodbye and head up north for three days of kinky fun in the sun.

I have purchased the outfits that TJ asked me to, one school girl outfit, one corset with petticoat, a skirt with tights and some cute night clothes. We are camping and the night gowns aren't warm but I'm sure he will keep me toasty.

There are a few events that I'm really looking forward to. There is a round table discussion about M/s 24 7 that is being led by a M/s couple, I'm really hoping that we will get some good feedback and that we will learn a lot. There is also a D/s "formal" which I think is like a dinner/dance type thing that I'm excited to go to. There will be a dungeon for playing, tons of "games" and other activities to keep us busy and enthralled all weekend and I can not wait to get there!

I intend to give a full report when we get back, hopefully I will have a lot of really neat stories to relay.

I haven't felt this giddy in a long time!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

bonds of security

Last night TJ and I "played" while the kids were gone for the night. It wasn't anything was actually perfect. It started off with a sort of punishment for my teasing him all day long...I "say sort of" because it led into the rest of the fun activities so it couldn't have been a completely real punishment...

TJ used a whip on me that we've had since we were dating, I'm not sure exactly how to describe it so I found a picture that looks close to what it is... I suppose it's more of a flogger than a whip. Anyway, ours is purple and only has a few knots at the ends with the rest of the soft braided material hanging loosely after it. He also used a small leather paddle that I do not like at all...cos it stings A LOT.

Before he started the spanking and the fun after that, he got me all ready. He put on my blindfold, secured my hands together in front of me, and chained my left foot to the bed post on the floor. Then he looped a rope through my cuffs and pulled me to lay across the bed, with my feet still on the floor and he tied that rope to the other bedpost on the floor so I was neatly draped over the bed.

The spanking that he gave me wasn't worse or lighter than any other spanking he's ever given me but I handled it so much better than ever before. At first I thought being tied down in such a fashion would scare me or make me freak out over the loss of control while he was spanking me...but it was the exact opposite reaction. I was able to concentrate on what he said, each stroke that he delivered, and how I was reacting to it all. It was as if because I could not escape him or his whip I could focus more. I felt more secure in the bonds of the rope than if I was just laying across the bed on my own accord.

I don't think he'll tie me down for every punishment, like I said I don't think he intended that to be any punishment really, I think he was just setting the scene. However, i did take it to be a punishment at the time and was crying pretty freely from the sting of the whip and because I had upset tears did not dissuade him at all, which was unusual. When he asked me what was wrong I told him it hurt and he just said "oh, " and continued. Before we moved onto the fun stuff he did say he wasn't mad at me, because at that point I was worried he was still angry and he assured me he wasn't.

Then he told me that my mouth isn't for teasing, talking back or being mouthy....and he taught me what it was for......

Monday, August 2, 2010

It was his idea

A vacation that TJ and I had been planning for several months has been canceled. We were going to be going away for an entire week childless, and it was all pulled out from under me. I was really upset when he told me that we weren't going to be going. He said that we would take a few weekend trips together instead. I understood, there really wasn't anything to be done about it anyway. We decided to go up to a cabin for a few days and in a few months we would spend a weekend at a casino or go into the big city for the weekend. All good ideas, and I was glad that he wasn't just giving up on speneding time together. And then....
He pulled out his lap top and said "I wonder..." and next thing I knew he was looking for a BDSM B&B that was somewhat local. If we lived in the UK we'd have tons of options, unfortunately the only one near us is closed for renovations or something so nothing. However, we did come across a camping event that is all BDSM fun... and he not only said we could go he said we SHOULD go!

"Really?" I asked him with obvious confusion.
"Yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun!" he seemed genuinely excited about the idea.
"You don't have to. You're only saying that because you know I'm disappointed about our trip," I turned back to the computer and starting to close the browser, but he stopped me.
"No, really I think it would be fun," he said again. "We should go," ... so we are going.
I think we will be having a lot of fun and I am hoping that we both learn a few things, as there are classes and such. TJ has said that I need to get a new outfit or two for the occasion and has picked out this outfit:

I'm not sure how comfortable that corset is going to be, and i have to find one that is a bit more budget friendly than the one in the picture, but I learned something. Apparently, TJ has always wanted me to wear a corset but has never once mentioned it! So..I'm gonna get the damn thing and wear it. He has also requested a new schoolgirl out fit for me and I will be showing him a few this evening to choose from.

I also got a spanking the other night. It was horrible and wonderful at the same time. It hurt like hell, as I knew it would since I haven't been spanked in months, and it was a punishment which always sting more to me because my mind thinks it should. But it was all him. He announced it and he carried through with it.

Yesterday was a good day as well. We went shopping for new clothes for work and several times he simply said "No," to something I was picking out and I promptly put it back. I accused him of wanting to come with me because he wanted to make sure I didn't get any fuddy duddy clothes and he smiled. "Yeah, kinda". The kids starting to act up a lot so we ended up going home sooner than planned but he told me to go back out and get some new skirts for work.

So I guess progress is being made again...slowly and I am too afraid to trust it but there's been some changes....