Monday, February 22, 2010

A smile a day....

I'm sure you've seen this ad before during your travels along the internet speedway of spanking pictures, movies, stories, etc.

I came home from work on Saturday and went to get something to drink from the fridge and low and behold what did I see? That very ad printed and stuck to the fridge with the kids alphabet magnets. TJ had come across the picture that day and thought it was funny enough to print out and plaster it up in our kitchen....and there it stays.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great to be back!

Finally, I am almost at 100%!!! I would jump and dance around but my back is still a little sore. Just a little recap of the last 5 weeks or so.
1. Had surgery, bed rest 2 weeks.
2. Threw out back on bed rest, worst pain ever felt in my life thus far.
3. Got a cold just as back was starting to mend.
4. Stomach flu hit last week bringing back the back ache from all of the festivities that come along with such an event.

But I'm almost all better now just a little back ache from the coughing, nothing like it was when it originally started.

There has been no spanking in the past few weeks and I don't think there will be any for at least another week or maybe two. TJ has been awesome, taking care of me and the kids these past few weeks.

Anyway.... onward and upward...

I found out this week that a girl at work is most likely going to be getting a divorce. Her husband still loves her but can't be with her anymore because he's "had it" with her. Admittedly, she's a very controlling person with a very strong personality. We've all heard the way she talks to her husband and I'm not surprised that he's finally put his foot down about it....but....he never told her until now what she was doing. He never said "stop treating me this way" he just took it and now after almost 10 yrs of marriage he's had it and wants out of the marriage.

They've done counseling at her request, but he doesn't care about it. They have a son the same age as my oldest, 6 yrs old and she has multiple medical problems, the last diagnosis was just last week: Bells Palsy.

When I told TJ about the development and I explained why the man didn't want to be with her anymore he said "Oh, she's one of those" and when I asked what he meant he said that she was a controlling wife who talked down to her husband, treating him more like a second child than a man.

I do agree with him on that point, at least in this situation with the girl at work, but the man can't just walk in one day and say "You've been doing everything wrong for 10 yrs and now I'm leaving" when he never gave her the chance to fix things years ago or even months ago. I asked him if I am "One of those women" and he laughed.

"Not anymore," he assured me.
"I used to be?"
"Hell, yeah!" he answered with a little more gumption than I appreciated. "You still do get a little controlling now and then but we deal with it," And by "deal with it" he means he turns me over his knee and blisters my behind.

So...I may not always get my way, I may get spanked to the point that I cry, but I'm loved and I don't think TJ will ever keep things from me that he feels are damaging to us. He has an outlet for those types of discussions. Now, some couples can sit down and have a regular discussion about things but I'm not wired that way....I need the talk then I need the least that's what TJ tells me.

Since we've been spank free for a few weeks and I've been behaving and we've not really had any issues I asked him if maybe we don't need this dynamic anymore. He shook his head at me. "It's not up for discussion,"
"But we've been doing great and I haven't even gotten into trouble," I pointed out.
"You've also been sick and laid much trouble can you get into like that?" he pointed out.
"I'm just saying...if you think we can do without it...."
"No." his statement was flat and firm....and I was very relieved!

......I'm not really looking forward to the first spanking butt and all that. WEG

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another update...nothing wonderful.

I threw out my back 2 weeks ago and have had nothing but trouble since. I went to the doctor for it on friday and he was concerned about it being a blood clot so he sent me to the ER....four hours later no clot found. Meds were dispensed and I was sent home. Luckily the back pain is starting to subside a great deal...unluckily I now have pink eye...the fun never stops around here!

Anyway...It's Superbowl Sunday and I am trying to get back into the swing of things around here... slowly. I hope everyone enjoys the game, the commercials, or the peace and quiet if you have the tv off and are simply enjoying the company of someone special. I will be back soon with actual thoughts and fun stories... I promise!