Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day is having a memorial day sale. Use this promotion code: MEMORIAL09 and receive $5.00 off your purchase of $25.00. Anyone who knows me, knows that I refuse to pay full price for anything (usually) so when I saw this bargain I wanted to pass it along. To visit my storefront just click here.

On a more serious note....

To all of those who have served in our military either currently or past. I give you my thank you. I am aware that my words are paltry compared to the extensive sacrifice you have made for your country and that it may be "cheesey" to simply say "thank you," but none the less. I am very grateful for the sacrifices you and your family have made for us all. TJ was in the military at the beginning of our marriage, and had been deployed during his tour. Although, our sacrifice was only for a short time I do understand the strength that is needed to endure.

I thank you for your courage, your loyalty, and your strength. I may not agree with our government on many things, however, I will always support our troops. For without them our freedom would fall limp and wither away. So to those who have served and are currently serving I give you my heartfelt appreciation.

I would like to also take this time to mention a new "charity" (for lack of a better word) that I have come across. Donors Choose is a website where you can donate money to whichever branch of the military that you wish.
The classroom projects on the pages below benefit public school students with parents in the military. Give what you can to help these students thrive in the classroom! I encourage all of us to not simply say that we support our troops...but actually do it.

Happy Memorial Day!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A discipline idea...

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I was thinking this afternoon while I was at work about spanking..why do you ask? Because when I'm stressed out and ready to hurl the next chart I see out the window...I go to my happy place...and my happy place just happens to be over TJ's knee! I said...this afternoon I was contemplating spanking.

I have a spanking coming tonight....I think...because I accidentally forgot to return a DVD to the library which has now accrued about $16 of late fees. I'm absolutely horrible about returning things on time and when I had started to borrow movies from the library TJ made it clear they were to be on time every time. But I'm completely digressing.... back to my thinking..

So...I was thinking. TJ has been doing a lot of spanking with me bent over the arm of the couch. I don't really care for that because it's a bit more impersonal then I would like. I want to feel him, his thighs beneath my stomach, his hand laying gently on the small of my back. A connection of sorts. So, I was contemplating this and thinking about what I think a thorough spanking/punishment would the perfect world.

First, the announcement that the time has come. "Turn the TV off, make sure the room is picked up," while he does his ritual of closing all of the blinds and turning down the lights.

Second, setting mind set. This is really important, at least for me, if he just starts spanking away and my mind isn't "there" then it's really a waste of time for both of us for a few reasons. 1. I'm gonna say whatever I think he wants to hear in order for the spanking to end weither I mean it or not. and/or 2. I'm just going to get pissed about the whole thing instead of dealing with the issue at hand. and/or 3. I will have no real idea what he's really spanking for.
Idealy I picture: Him sitting on the couch and he has me standing in front of him (or standing in the corner while he talks to me..) .. he tells me straight out what he's upset about and why I'm going to be punished.

Thirdly, a warm up. I dont' mean a few strokes of an implement. I mean a full warm up. Of course talking is welcomed at this point because I don't want to feel isolated and alone...that doesn't really convey a loving spanking experience (even though it's is still part of loving)

Depending on how long the spanking is...perhaps a small break to gather my thoughts. But I think before the finale (let's face it...spankings really are a play with 3 acts...) a break would be good to re-iterate what has happened, how it's going to change, and what I've learned..this could just be a few second interlude or a few minutes in the corner...and then the finale. (which really sucks cos he's really harsh at the end)
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Afterwards, love. Sometimes, I'm not ready for hugs and kisses. Sometimes I'm a bit stiff and bent out of shape at myself and need a few minutes to myself before I can let him hug me. I think in those instances...a few minutes of corner time or just sitting alone might help me get myself together and let him give me the hugs and kisses I need. that's what I was thinking about today while I was running around like a crazy woman at work....and they kept asking how I could be smiling amidst all the craziness of the day... WEG.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy Day!!!

I hope all of you Mommy's out there have a wonderful day! And that each of you out there in spanko land get a nice long spanking today!

Not sure if there will be one around here today. But as a co-worker keeps reminding me "Hope is eternal".
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Monday, May 4, 2009

At least it's something

I would like to say that what has kept me away for this long was something utterly important and life altering.... but I can't.

I simply have been too tired, stressed, and feeling uncreative to post something. I'm not feeling very creative today either but I've decided that I should give it a shot.

Yesterday, TJ and I had about three hours where we only had the baby. I was in a tissy about who knows what and well... I got myself into some trouble by throwing something at TJ. He was quick to grab a wooden spoon and give me a quick hard spanking in the hallway (out of the eyesight of the baby) Although the spanking was well deserved and he completely controlled himself even though he was really pissed at me, at the end he simply tossed the spoon to the side and walked away from me. I stayed put against the wall, not really sure if it was over or not (and I was having myself a good cry). About five minutes later he realized I had stayed there and he released me.

Other then that...nothing has been real exciting around here. Tonight is supposed to be maintance night...but we will see.